Previous Workshops

Sat 27 May 10 – 12pm

Bridgwater Arts Centre Studio

Like & Share: Consider how communication and professional networking have changed since 1947 in this introduction to social media (including WordPress, Instagram and Facebook) and its role in research and sharing information.

Tues 30 & Weds 31 May, 2 – 4pm

Bridgwater Arts Centre Studio

Future Cities: Join professional architects including CIAM6 curator Juliet Bidgood to create models of your ideal live, work and play spaces.

Thurs 1 & Fri 2 June, 10 – 1pm; 2 – 5pm

Somerset Film Engine Room

Minecraft Mapping: What makes an inspiring city today? Come and discover how places such as towns and cities are designed. Help create a virtual vision for Bridgwater using Minecraft and decide what buildings you’d like to see in the town in future.

Community Events:

Sunday 4 June, Wilstock Hub 2- 5pm

Sunday 11 June, Victoria Park Summer Fair 12 – 4pm

Wednesday 21 June, ZING activity trail, Sydenham 3.15 – 5pm

Saturday 29 July, Quayside Festival, 12 – 6pm


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June 28, 2017